nihiti - ghosts & versions

A1. National Park System RIP mix
A2. Mark Verbos Sordid Future mix
B1. HRDVSION remix
B2. Zebrablood remix
D1. Orbital Mechanics remix (Digital Only)
D2. Alienboy Cyberdub remix (Digital Only)
D3. Original Mix (Digital Only)

Catalog # : LBL011
Release Date : 2013-02-14
Format : 12” / MP3

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The futuristic and enigmatic New York outfit nihiti's body of work so far has been consistently diverse and unexpected, with each new release shifting its focus into new territory and genres, sure to make anyone cautious about summing up their oeuvre in too few syllables. A "band" in the loosest sense of the word, the project's revolving door of contributors only adds to the mystery. The constant throughout nihiti's range of output is intricately blurring the lines between acoustic and electronic sounds with a signature sense of dread. nihiti's latest acclaimed LP, for ostland, cohesively realizes the group's outsider drone, electronic, and techno tendencies with a post- punk/industrial approach exploring ambient scrawl, dark motorik pulse, and vaporous shoegaze.

As an addendum to for ostland, this Valentine's day nihiti will be releasing a 12" of their cover of Marissa Nadler's "Ghosts and Lovers" (which appeared on the album) with 6 entirely different and high pedigree reworks featuring techno veteran Mark Verbos, Blackest Ever Black's Zebrablood, Wagon Repair's Hrdvsion, the cerebral National Park System, Alienboy from La Big Vic, and Montreal dark techno champions Orbital Mechanics.

FACT Mag : The remix-of-a-cover provenance is a bit convoluted, but the end result is worth it. (read more) Last year, New York band Nihiti explored the ambient intersection of techno, industrial, and drone on for ostland. The most affecting cut was ‘Ghost and Lovers’, a shoe-gazing cover of Marissa Nadler’s song of the same name. On February 14, Nihiti will release Ghosts and Versions, a remix 12″ featuring new versions of the song by Mark Verbos, Zebrablood (Excepter), Hrdvsion, National Park System, and Alienboy (La Big Vic) via Lo Bit Landscapes. Stream the “Sordid Future Mix” by NYC techno veteran Mark Verbos below. True to its name, the remix layers the vocals of the Nihiti version with the futurism of a late-night cyberpunk rave.

Aquarius Records : On the recent aQ Record Of The Week For Ostland, by mysterious NY electro-rock alchemists Nihiti, they started things off with a fantastic cover of Marisa Nadler's “Ghosts And Lovers”, which ended up being one of our favorite tracks on that record, and which we described like this: “The already dark original transformed into an even darker lament, all swirling churns of mumblecore drift, heaving swells of black blurred fuzz, over skeletal rhythms, and moaned barely there vox, smeared and subtly processed, a plaintive whispery croon becomes a lush landscape of layered drones drifting dreamily and druggily, a ghostly and spectral electro-ambient threnody, that builds to a near squall of roiling riffs and tangled black melodies, the result still somehow warm and soft and utterly trancelike. (read more) ” This new 12” offers up four remixes of Nihiti's Nadler cover, and all of them are pretty excellent. National Park Systems (whose Lo Bit 12” we still have in stock), add some rhythmic propulsion, and some swirling noise, processing the vox a bit, transforming the song that sounds more like some lost M83 jam, all prismatic and big beat-y, while Mark Verbos give Nihiti's version a skeletal electro makeover, with a bit of a house-y twist, drenching the vocals in reverb, and stripping away most of the rest of the song, and draping those vocals over their own beats, and giving the whole thing a sort of retro-futuristic sci-fi vibe to boot, especially the second half, that definitely reminds us a bit of Majeure or Zombi. The flipside starts off with Hrdvrsn, who strip the song down to something very Kompakt sounding, chopping the vocals and creating a haunting stuttery melody, over a simple handclap rhythm, and wreathing the whole thing in glimmering swirls of synth, eventually letting the beat take over, before fading out and leaving just a pulsing ethereal swirl. And finally, Zebrablood adds some step sequencing and adds some robotic melodies, and transforms the song into something way more cybernetic, a super minimal electro-pulse minimal-house groover, that's both spare and skeletal, but also weirdly melodic and impossibly lush and layered. Super cool. And the perfect sonic addendum to Nihiti's amazing For Ostland.

No Fear Of Pop : Last year's for ostland by elusive NYC-based experimental project Nihiti was one of the truly surprising efforts in the ever-expanding field of dark-ish electronics that employ bare, reduced beat structures as the foundation for a raw blend of industrial, noise, and drone, with a result that you may or may not want to dance to, probably depending on your level of substance intake. (read more) Now, album standout “Ghosts and Lovers” – a bleak, menacing and nearly beatless take on Marissa Nadler's song of the same name – has received the remix treatment by a bunch of essentially like-minded producers, including Zebrablood (Nathan Corbin from Excepter), National Park System, Mark Verbos, and La Big Vic member Alienboy, with invariably compelling results. Two versions have already been premiered recently on FACT and International Tapes, today we present an exclusive stream of all six reworks. Check them out below. The Ghosts and Versions EP is out today on Lo Bit Landscapes.

XLR8R : San Francisco resident Nicholas Yu (who operates under the peculiar National Park System handle) just turned in this melodically rich, fuzz-filled remix of “Ghosts and Lovers”, a song which first appeared on last year's For Ostland LP from NYC-based industrial outfit Nihiti (and, incidentally, had already appeared as a remix in our Downloads section back in July). (read more) This churning rework, packed to the brim with glistening noise and shoegazey pads, is out now, alongside a number of other adventurous reimaginings of “Ghosts and Lovers”, on Nihiti's Ghosts & Versions 12”. You can stream the rest of those tunes after the jump.

Tiny Mix Tapes : Nihiti’s For Ostland LP fell through the cracks for a lot of punters and shouldn’t have. (read more) Ghosts & Versions attempts to remedy that while allowing a few labelmates to get their remix fix on. It’s always a risky proposition putting a project like this (four recasts versions of the same song) on wax – clear and smoky no less – so I’m glad it worked out. National Park System toss out a redux that finds an odd place between the helium alien voices of Joe Meek and euphoric electronica. Mark Verbos is less successful, linking club beats to whatever he decided to keep of the original mix. Not so bad if you think about it playing in the dark at a roller rink though. Hrdvsion rent out a hardline bass attack that takes no fucking prisoners, like Metasplice and a Warp artist grimacing at each other. Every off-beat hits like a boot-kick to the belly. Zebrablood steal the show, perhaps understanding Nihiti’s original mission best with an aggressive, door-knocking beat and synths sequences that bounce around and lock together like liquid puzzle pieces. This is what your grandkids are going to commit crimes to; the hard stuff.